Old Studios

Boat dollhouse shop pier 42 S.F.

"This is the earliest surviving photograph of Eric Lansdown working in the boat shop about 1974. One can just barely see him in the cabin working late on a birdcage....."

Boat shop construction

"Eric Lansdown building a solid roof on the old boat. This was a new beginning after working under a tent for a few years....."

Looking forward

"Lots of projects under way, Eric Lansdown bending over his work about 1980 on the boat shop in San Francisco....."

Looking aft on the boat shop

"Eric Lansdown and an assistant working in the background. In the foreground one can see little chateau and one with a real copper roof made from old gutter. The wood used here was also recuperate material....."

Detailing an Arch

"Eric Lansdown details one of his first Arch des Triumph series. These were hand strung with wire and painted faux marble....."

Hunters Point Shipyard 1983

"Eric Lansdown moved his work shop to Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco and by 1983 there were streets of chateaux!...."

Eric and Jessica

"Eric and Jessica Lansdown painting a television cabinet at the Hunters Point shipyard studio....."

Tom Skinner

"This is Tom Skinner working with Eric Lansdown building Regency bird cages...."

Eric with a gothic octigon

"Eric Lansdown working on a Gothic Octagon built to be installed outdoors....."

Alan and the Hacienda

"Alan Farmer helping Eric Lansdown build the Hacienda for Eleanor Ford. ...."