Magazine Clips

House and Garedns

"Eric Lansdown featured in a full page article of House and Gardens in 1990. He is pictured beside a birdcage and a dollhouse in front of the ever present chalkboard in his Hunters Point shipyard studio in San Francisco. There is also an image of his French Renaissance Bridge bird cage....."

N.C. Home and Garden

"Eric Lansdown bird cage - The Regency, featured in a full page article....."

Country Inns Cover

"This is the first issue of Country Inns Magazine and the cover features the Eric Lansdown French Renaissance Bridge in the lobby of the Sherman House San Francisco. ...."

Pompeian bird cage

"This Pompeian style cage or display cabinet made by Eric Lansdown was featured in Architectural Digest 1994....."

Country Inns 1991

"This article about Eric Lansdown in Country Inns 1991 was 2 full pages with nice photos and complimentary text. I am forever thankful for such flattering attention which in turn enables an artist to pay his assistants....."

Decoration German

"This was a German publication Decoration Aktuell with a nice page and pictures about Eric Lansdown but I have no idea what it says....."

Woodworker Magazine

"This magazine article about Eric Lansdown featured the journalist in my opinion who did the research....."

Spanish Vouge

"As I was showing in Europe the Magazines picked up the story....."


"This article was not about Eric Lansdown but all about Demi Moore's new house and mentioned the cage she designed. She did come to the studio and we designed it on the chalkboard but I thought she was the secretary to the interior decorators until they left and my daughter mentioned the 3000 dollar miniskirt.


"This little article about Eric Lansdown in 1990 helped secure a number of orders....."

Architectural Digest 1987

"A page from an article that did not mention Eric Lansdown but featured several photos attributing the houses to a discovery in London?...."

Architectural Digest - our house

"Eric and Carole Lansdown mentioned with Carole pictured in front of the house built and decorated for Jessica and Bianca Lansdown. It is still with the Lansdown family....."

Focus 1992 Italian

"This is a bilingual publication....."

Contemporary Doll 1985

"A Doll specialty magazine published in 1985....."

Franklin Mint

"This was a great collection of pictures....."