Napoleonic Bridge
Grand birdcage... More Info
Triumphal Bridge 1
Triumphal Bridge
The first Triumphal Bridge... More Info
Facade form proposal
Renaissance French dollhouse No.1
A formidable French early renaissance chateau in a medieval castle. ... More Info
Chalk sketch roof
3 French renaissance roof ideas
This is where it starts, the roof line in this... More Info
Chateau birdcage
Chateau birdcage
A grand French chateau... More Info

Chateau and Logo
A trademark piece by Eric Lansdown from the 1980s. Finished in 2016, painted by Carole Lansdown, the first new one available in more than 20 years and is the finest one of them... More Info
Ivory Palace
Indianate Dove Cage
Ivory Indianate dove cage by Eric... More Info
4 tower Renaissance
Chateau of 4 towers
French renaissance chateau with four... More Info

A Gothic Bridge
East Anglia gothic bridge... More Info

Tall House
Tall French town house of 18th and 19th century... More Info
Black tower
Chinoiserie cage series
Chinoiserie bird cages by Eric... More Info

Gothic tall
The front of a tall or the side of a wide gothic... More Info
Crystal Palace facade
Classic Pavillion
A Pavilion for any purpose, from arboretum to a theatre or a... More Info
Regency Cage
Regency Bird Cage
Black green and gold Regency birdcage by Eric... More Info
Arch de Triomphe
Arch de Triomphe bird cage
Arch de Triomphe by Eric Lansdown, Black green and gold... More Info
Vaulted Regency cage
Vaulted Regency bird cage
Vaulted Regency bird cage by Eric... More Info
Grand Regency
Grand Regency
The Grand Regency bird... More Info

Grand Manor bird cage
Grand Manor, English neo classic... More Info
The Duomo
Grand Italian octagonal domed birdcage.... More Info

Chinoiserie cage series
The last Chinoiserie cages by Eric and Carole... More Info
Tall Roman
Tall Roman
7 foot tall Roman bird... More Info
The Hacienda
The Hacienda
Built by Eric Lansdown the Hacienda is a Spanish style that might be found in Mexico, central or south... More Info
Glass roof chateau
Glass roof chateau
Design for a French style house with curved glass roof... More Info
Shell house
Shell house
A little house covered in shell by Carole... More Info
The Roman Hall
Large Roman cage or vitrine
Roman inspired bird cage or... More Info
Egyption Vitrine
The Egyption cabinet
The Egyptian vitrine built by Eric Lansdown and Painted by Carole... More Info
Greek and Roman
Greek and Roman vitreens
Greek and Roman vitrines by Eric... More Info

Italian pavilion house
The Italian pavilion doll house or... More Info
Small yellow house
Yellow bay wondow
Small dollhouse built by Eric Lansdown in the early... More Info

Little French house
Elegant little French house with a banner over a lyon's head by Eric... More Info
The Lansdown house
Our Georgian manor
This is the Lansdown family house and is still with the family in San Francisco after 40... More Info
Renaissance bridge
French Renaissance bridge cage
French Renaissance birdcage bridge by Eric Lansdown built in the... More Info
Eric with chateaux
Eric and his little chateaux
Eric Lansdown and his little... More Info
Building the roof
Boat shop construction
Building the roof on the... More Info
Gothic Chateau
Gothic chateau of 4 towers
Eric Lansdown's French renaissance gothic chateau with four... More Info
Front elevation
Small Moroccan house cabinet with painted scenes on all... More Info
Front and right side
Paint and decoupage house
Eric Lansdown house decorated by Carole... More Info

1983 Chateau Bargain!
The Red Brick French chateau! Over 30 years ago this was my first serious attempt at affordable French... More Info
The chateau facade
Chateau Blanche
French chateau with curved glass roof by Eric... More Info

Chateau 2016
A classic Renaissance architectural... More Info